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Date of birth: 04.01.2016

Breeder: Vorob'ev D. E.


Junior Champion of Russia

Junior Champion of Italy  

Junior Champion of Bulgaria



Description of the breed Chongqing or Chinese bulldog.

During the Han dynasty a unique breed of dogs Chongqing was bred. The name of the breed dates back to the eponymous province in the southwest of China. It is quite difficult to meet Chongqing both in Western countries and China, the number does not exceed two and a half thousands of dogs. 

A unique and ancient breed of dog guarded the Imperial palaces, only the elite were allowed to keep these dogs. The Chinese Chongqing dog was considered a symbol of wealth and status of the owner.

The name of the breed translates as Chinese hound; in other sources you may find another name - a Chinese bulldog.

The Chinese Chongqing dog is a medium size breed, having strong physique of somewhat square shape. This is a well-developed, muscular and alert animal. The Chinese Chongqing Dog has a noble appearance, full of inner dignity.

Weight 15 — 25 kg, height 35 — 50 cm.

Shorthair, color varies from dark brown to mahogany. There are dogs with partial or complete lack of hair. The tail has a conical shape.

Ears set on high, scissor bite, slight undershot acceptable.

They are great Fox hunters, wild cats, badgers, birds and other small wildfowl. They are trusted to guard a hous.

The average life expectancy - twenty years.

Chinese hound is recognized by the international organizations: CKCA, APRI, CCDBC and CCDC.

Chinese bulldog is a home dog, but needs regular long walks with elements of active games. Chongqing should be constantly watched for, as hunting instinct of the dog may lead to its loss.

By nature the breed is characterized by devotion, balance and calmness and very high intelligence.